Henley Ascot 5kW Matt Black (Outside Air)

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  • The Ascot 5kw stove brings the best of modern technology and traditional looks to the Henley range. This stove is external air ready if your house requires this but can be used as a standard stove also. This external air technology gives unrivalled air control allowing you to save more fuel than a standard stove.
  • Suitable for timber surround fireplace.


  • CE-EN13240
    • The stove meets European standard of test for stoves fired by solid fuel
  • Air Wash
    • All Henley stoves come with an airwash system which helps to keep the glass clean. It uses a specially placed vent or vents to draw in air from the outside to which will wash over the front of the glass.
  • Clearburn
    • This creates a cleanburn system where hot air is pushed into the firebox above the normal height of the fire. This allows the excess gasses to combust given a cleaner burn.
  • Smoke Control Areas Approved
    • The Henley Apollo is approved for Smoke Control Areas. If you are in a Smoke Control Area then you can only burn authorised fuels (generally just smokeless fuels, although the list is available from DEFRA).
  • External Air 
    • This Henley stove has an external air facility allowing the air to come directly from outside your building rather than through a vent in the room. This is required for heat recovery systems in new build projects.
  • Passive Air
    • This Henley stove is fully compliant with regulations for fully passive houses.


  • Power: 5W(17060BTU)
  • Finish: Cast Iron
  • Flue Size: 125mm
  • Flue Location: Top/Rear
  • Dimensions: 505x399x374mm (HxWxD)
  • Flue Dimensions: 125mm